Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Rev. Paul offers spiritual counseling, workshops, classes and recordings
as a part of his ministry to those in need.

Weddings of Joy

Who Is This Guy?

Rev. Paul V. Scholl has studied metaphysics, ancient mystery school teachings and spirituality since 1986 and graduated from Church of Divine Man seminary in 1991. He served as spiritual counselor and pastor. He is ordained as an Interfaith Minister through International Metaphysical Ministry and the Interfaith Church of World Service. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Metaphysics. He is an honorary Doctor of Divinity & Doctor of Metaphysics. He is a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the International Biogenic Society, and two Ancient Mystery Schools. He is a member of the Compassionate Care Alliance, a coalition for end-of-life issues and the American Academy of Bereavement. He is also a Certified Life Coach through the Holistic Life Coaching Institute. He is a Certified Grief Counselor through The American Academy of Grief Counseling. He also serves in the hospice care field, as a chaplain, and a bereavement and volunteer coordinator in the Sacramento CA area.

Rev. Paul is an in-demand speaker and has offered his workshops and courses at many spiritual centers and continuing and alternative education campuses in Northern California. He offers many exciting and challenging workshops and speaks on spirituality in business, from beginning through advanced meditation techniques, spiritual path training, as well as special seminars, including: “How Bad Do You Really Want It?”, “Understanding Men”, “Healing Your Home”, “Managing Stress for Sweeter Success”, “The Playground of God”, “Loving Out Loud”, and “Death and the Divine”.

Paul’s business career spans over twenty years in newspaper and magazine publishing. He serves as a management, marketing, advertising and circulation consultant to publishers. His poetry has been published over one hundred fifty times in national anthologies. He has won fourteen awards for writing excellence since 1983.

Rev. Paul’s goal is a clear one. His teachings are designed to help people bridge the gap between fully experiencing their spiritual lives and being the most productive person they can be in their professional careers. His aim is to help people find what they love to do and to fully love what they are doing today.

Born on the Fourth of July in Fairfield, California, Rev. Paul V. Scholl was raised as one of eleven children. His restless and independent nature matured into a deep and tireless one through his own profound mystical experiences. Paul began focusing on his personal ministry in 1987, shortly after the death of his father. He has found his true joy in teaching others new ways to strengthen their understanding of their own spiritual path. “By teaching others to be strong, yet loving, a better world will be left for those who follow.”

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