By Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Finding the meaning of our original awe is like finding the first wave of consciousness. When we look upward to the skies in awe we are mistakenly taught to be in awe of the stars themselves.
Awe began with the comprehension of the energy that sits quietly between the stars and holds them in perfect order. Our spirit secretly desires to once again become a part of that quiet energy.

And what is the original sound of all sounds that begins every universe? None other than "Ahhh…… (Awe).
We breathe in……"Ahhh"……and have an epiphany…….
and breathe out……"ha!"
In every "Ah-ha!" therefore is the beginning and understanding
of all the knowledge of every universe in existence.
……..and yet we too often forget to breathe………limiting ourselves.

There is a universe for every breath you have ever taken.
Follow one and see.
Breathe deeply. For it is Love that is the meaning of "Ah-ha!"

Rev. Paul V. Scholl

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