Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Weddings of Joy

Relationship & Spiritual Counseling

Guidance for Your Journey Together as Husband and Wife

Counseling others to help them prepare more a more successful life is an art form more than it is a profession. Truth coupled with life experiences, offered with humor and loving support can provide the foundation and techniques for having and maintaining the love relationship you both desire for a lifetime.

Learn to:

  • Work together to find the answers to some of the tough Life Questions needed to be discussed before marriage.
  • Build a strong foundation as husband and wife by learning stronger and more open communication techniques.
  • Share straightforward communication from one another.

Cost and number of sessions determined on an individual basis. Terms and times are flexible to meet the needs of the wedding couple.

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You will find many testimonials about his guidance from previous couples, students and professionals.

Rev. Paul V. Scholl Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counselor

Email: Phone: (916) 773-7337 or toll-free: 1-(888)-900-2926

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