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This IS the Mothership!
By Rev. Paul V. Scholl

Global Warming. Global Cooling. Over-population. Polluted Water. Chemical additives to "purify" the water. Polluted Air. Chem-trails. Old Viruses resurrected. Wars and skirmishes around the globe. Drugged children. Drugged Adults. Governments gone haywire. Dead Zones in the oceans. Dying species. Mass suicides.Cancer. AIDS. Violence and separation. Babies in dumpsters. Babies in dumpsters! Is anybody listening?

This is Heaven everybody. This IS the Mothership. We all need to pay attention, today. What is happening to our world is a direct reflection of the number of corrupted souls walking the planet right now. There is so much going on and going "wrong" simply because we as a race do not stop long enough to look, smell, hear and sense our surroundings. That is how the corruption starts.

The Laws of the Universe are not selective. You can not apply them only to yourself or your twenty-four hour world and not apply them to the other side of the globe, or the other end of the street. You either live them, or you don’t. The Laws place the responsibility for living squarely upon the shoulders of those given life. We are all responsible for our surroundings and this planet.

The question is so often phrased "What can I do?" when more appropriately it could be asked "What Will I do?" Every day we could ask ourselves if we have done even one thing to bring a better life to someone or something, or have acted in a way to help beautify the planet. Every day we could look into the eyes of the children we pass or communicate with and just imagine the world we are preparing for them.

The universe shows us the Laws most simply as cause and effect. It shows us that no matter how fast we go the world stills spins at about the same rate as millions of years ago. It shows us that the seasons change and adapt, but they still outlast us all. It shows us the meaning of the stars above and those within, if we would only look for them with a desire for understanding. It shows us love everywhere if we open our eyes just a little wider.

The universe shows it is entirely up to us. You and me. We must continue to work together to heal and beautify every corner of this wonderful gift of a planet God gave us to steward. We must do it today and everyday. You don’t need a list to go by from anyone else. You know what to do and where to go to learn how to do it. You know people who could share their ideas to help you both. You just have to make the commitment. Make your own list and then be true to it as many times a day as you possibly can. Then teach even one child how to do the same and you have created a legacy that will far outlive any other you could create.

We are the guardians of this Heaven called earth. We are the captains and crew of this mothership. We must all live with compassion, loyalty, honour, chivalry, caring, respect, courage and love to further nurture our one true mother. She raised us. Let’s return that love ten-fold.


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