120x60 Free Reading

Seminars Available

Specifically Designed for Your Group or Business One Day, Weekend Retreats or Continuous Training.

Creative Masterminds for Improving Your BusinessZ

Develop Leadership that Others will want to Follow Create Stronger Agreements and Get Your Goals Accomplished.

Workplace Meditations for Reduced Stress

Enhance Your Productivity through Peaceful & Energetic Working Environments Turn Your Company's Creativity Loose and Benefit from Their Willingness to help You Succeed.

Using Intuitive Techniques for Business Success

Improve Communication, Manage Increasing Demands, Enhance Working Relationships.

How Bad Do You Really Want It?

Define Your Desires and Find Your Passions in Life Understand the Power of Will, The Flexibility of the Human Spirit, and Maximizing Your Spiritual Quotient.

Bringing Home Fire

A Men's Gathering for the Understanding of the need for Fire in Their Lives, Fire in the Home, Fire in Your Love Life, Fire in Your Life's Work, Carrying on the Fire from Your Father, includes discussion, prayers, poems and meditation experiences.

Awakening the Teenage Spirit

Discussions and techniques on; Finding Your Identity as Spirit, Voicing Your Feelings with Clarity, Gaining Perspective for Your Future, Improving Your Communication with Your Parents, Why Love is Really Important.

Loving Out Loud

Develop more Ways to Express and Share Your Love to others, Enhance Your current Love Relationships, Find out what You can do to Create more Love in your Life, How to let go of Past Loves with Compassion, Caring like there's no tomorrow.

Rev. Paul V. Scholl, Interfaith Minister Telephone: (916) 773-7337, or Email: GO2DLYT@aol.com

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