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Weddings of Joy

Weddings of Joy
Make Your Wedding Day one You will always remember with Joy! listen to many ceremony ideas and examples you can use for your wedding ceremony. Comes with a guide book that includes complete ceremony outline, how to choose your minister, special wedding rehearsal guidelines and 10 great ideas to make your wedding day run more smoothly. Both for $29.95. (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Lovint Out Loud

Loving Out Loud
Live in Love with total power, passion and grace. A guided meditation to create the love relationship you want! CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

I am Healing

I Am Healing
This recording is a guided meditation designed to help people enhance their healing process and begin focusing on recreating a more healthy and energetic body and spirit. Includes focusing practices on energies, colours and vibrations. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Healing Your Home

Healing Your Home
A guided meditation designed to help you to clear and set the energy in your home. Release old energies within your environment that will help you to heal yourself, plants and pets. These techniques can work in any environment. Get your space back! CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Go to the Light

Go to the Light Poetry in Praise of God.
Rev. Paul's first audio book of poetry reflecting many deep visions of love for our world, universe and our Creator. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

The Wisdon of Jesus Christ

The Wisdom of Jesus Christ
A meditation guided by the words of wisdom of Jesus Christ. Find your deepest connection with the greatest spiritual teacher of all time. Gain personal understanding from the words of the Master. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Beginnin Your Spiritual Journey

Beginning Your Spiritual Path
This beginner's CD offers simple and understandable interpretations of colours seen in energy fields, basic definitions of charkas, how they function & spiritual terms and definitions most commonly used in Rev. Paul's seminars and materials. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Meditation for the Mind, Heart & Soul
A simple guided meditation & instruction for those just starting their meditative journeys. Additional techniques for those who have been practicing various meditations in search of new ideas and imagery. Create a meditative balance in Your Life! CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Supercharge Your Mastermind Groups
Instructions & guided meditations to improve communication within any organization or business. Techniques for developing stronger group or partnership agreements. Team Building with Spirit! CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Leadership, Success & Spirituality
An interview with Rev. Paul by Brenda Davis of KSOL Radio, San Mateo, CA. Rev. Paul offers ideas and answers to questions on developing a stronger spiritual walk of life without compromise in today's business world. Compelling and thoughtful ideas on mentoring and career development. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Understanding Sexuality and spirit

Understanding Sexuality & the Spirit
An interview with Rev. Paul by Sandra Reishus of KJAY radio, Sacramento, CA. Rev. Paul answers questions on the effects of the spirit from differing sexual styles, lifestyles and practices. Rev. Paul offers thought provoking insights that are uplifting and humorous for those on the journey of love. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Single Life & Issues of Today
An interview with Rev. Paul by Myrna Lamb of the syndicated singles show "Moving On", Lincoln, RI. Rev. Paul, publisher of Single Again Magazine Online and clairvoyant minister & counselor offers suggestions to callers of the show concerning tough issues for today's singles. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

How Bad Do You Really Want It?
Spiritual Goal Setting. A guided meditation to help you reach your most meaningful life goals. Find determination, clarity and purpose. CD for $19.95 (Includes Shipping/Handling)

Most selections available on cassette tape by request.

To Order Call (916) 773-SEER (7337). Order processing is done through PayPal. If you are not familiar with how PayPal works, click HERE for information. If you wish to order by mail, please write/send check or money-order to: Rev. Paul V. Scholl, 7405 Greenback Lane #129,Citrus Heights, CA 9610

*Please allow 4 weeks for delivery via US Mail.*

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