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When Spirit and Business Collide
By Rev. Paul V. Scholl

You know it’s true. The time has come. You just can’t take it anymore. You finally recognize what you’re doing with your life and you just don’t like it. You see the career path you’ve been on for what it has been, but you know it is time to do what you have been missing most in your life. You want to do what is fun and brings enthusiasm to your life. Change is evident.

For the first time, you recognize the boss for who they are and where they are in life. For the first time, you are honest with yourself about the demands of the job, the stress that then permeates the rest of your life, the silly sacrifices you’ve made with your family and friends, the hours of extra work that never seemed to get validated. You see the effects of it all on your life and you wonder, "What have I been doing?"

Sitting there, feeling a little confused and disheveled, your spirit screams at you "For God’s Sake, Wake Up!"— and you do. You begin to recognize that it wasn’t all for naught, that you did have impact on people and the company you’ve served. You’ve helped others to change their lives for the better. You can see resistance and competition more clearly, and you’ve matured to be able to handle it. You see exactly where the "dollar" fits, and where it doesn’t for you any longer. A smile comes to your face.

Emmett Fox once wrote, "If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world". And now, you know it’s true. The world of spirit makes more sense. It becomes more important somehow. Love matters more than ever. Priorities change as simple things like looking up at the stars are more valuable than working late to complete some report on a Friday night. You get to know who you really are inside.
This awakening spirit in so many people around the world is what has created this rise in affluence, not the old perception of dependency. Spirit always goes beyond the organizations of the world because it didn’t originate its energy in the organizations of this world. Spirit came from the Creator that divined us all. When we come to that realization and we begin to wholly surrender an open and continuous communication to the wonder of the cosmos we reach our potential in every step.

Imagine two comets colliding. The particles burst into a million or more directions never to know themselves as a comet again. Each particle remembers that instant of freedom. Each particle remembers that first burst into the unknown. That frozen moment at the point of impact remains deep in memory, but the space that it contained is also now free. By gaining it’s freedom of space and spirit it gave freedom of space and spirit to millions. It became free of the material, the old way of being. It became free of the defined world it once understood and then understood more. It became free of time, but became full of the everythingness that is the memory of synchronicity itself.
What impact would freedom to be "You" bring into your life? Do what you love. Do as you dream. You are here to teach that experience, that joy to your children and loved ones. The reward is a life worth living.

Many Blessings,
Rev. Paul


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