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Couples Offer Their Wedding Ceremony Recommendations

Dear Rev. Paul,

Thank you for officiating our wedding. Because of you, Gordon and I will always have great memories of our day. Our ceremony was amazing and we have you to thank. Please use us for a reference.

Our sincere thanks,
Suzie and Gordon McKenzie

Dear Rev. Paul,

Thank you so much for marrying us! We couldn't be happier! We learned so many invaluable lessons from you and we really are grateful to you for binding us together in marriage. You also were an amazing guide and put our minds at ease. We were so worried about being emotional and teary-eyed on the day of the wedding, but your calm and cool approach at the rehearsal left room for only happiness and excitement on the day of our wedding. It truly was the best day of our lives and we will continue to uphold our vows forever. It was an honor to announce our eternal love in the presence of God. Thank you for allowing us to experience that and accepting our non-denominational spirituality!

All Our Love,
Christine and Brad Osterhout

p.s.- We're still practicing our homework!

Dear Reverend Paul,

Thank you so much for providing your excellent presence at our wedding. From the first time we met you, we instantly bonded with your spiritual vibes. You made us completely comfortable and confident to get married

While on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, we visited the famous cathedral in Old Town. It was amazing! We took time to say a prayer thanking God for all the blessings we have in our life. Across the street was a store with many beautiful spiritual pieces. While in the store, we thought of you and picked out this cross. We blessed it with our love and hope you will look at this and remember it's from two people who really enjoyed your presence at their wedding.

Thank You,
God Bless, Nicole and Ryan Holmes

Rev. Paul,

Thanks for making our special day extra special! We'll always remember what you did for us.

Warm regards,
Hank and Arlyn Malloy

Rev. Paul,

Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. Your kind words helped make our day memorable. We're glad you could play such a special part in making our dream come true.

Thank You!
Sam and Jessica Perri

Rev. Paul,

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day. The ceremony was beautiful. It was the perfect day. We appreciate all you did for us.

Thanks again,
Riaz and Johnna Ali

Hi Rev. Paul,

We want to thank you for being a part of our special day and for going the extra mile and sending our marriage certificate. We greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and God Bless,
Marvin and Sao Noriel

Reverend Paul,

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding celebration. We really appreciate all of your enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Ted and Stephanie

Dear Rev. Paul,

The wedding you performed for Jim and I was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. Jim and I had such different requests for our ceremony and you worked them together beautifully. I wanted a medium length ceremony with spiritual significance that included my children. Jim wanted a short ceremony that was enjoyable. You met both of our needs and made the ceremony quite memorable for us both.

One additional touch that I didn't expect was the many ceremonial traditions that we can continue for years to come. Many of our guests commented that the ceremony was the best wedding they had ever attended. Thank you for officiating our most special day. We give you "two thumbs up" and an all around "10"!

Jim and Sheryl

Dear Rev. Paul,

Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our special day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and appreciate your "closing the circle" on our family. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and we are blessed that you made it so "us".

Mary and David

Dear Rev. Paul,

The whole ceremony was great. It flowed smoothly and had all the feel and emotion we were expecting. It was a perfect day. We would love to be referrals for your future brides and grooms.

Paul and Shelley

Dear Rev. Paul,

What we both liked was that the ceremony was personal, that you incorporated everything that we asked for, and that we had very little to do at that moment because you led us through it. We were floating on cloud nine. We felt that the preparation was simple and you made it very easy. You brought it all together nicely. Everything was wonderful.

Thank you for making our day so special. The wedding was absolutely perfect and we thank you for making everything happen so smoothly! We would love to be a referral for you.

Kendra and Brad

Dear Rev. Paul,

Our wedding ceremony and vows were wonderful and special to us. Thank you very much for your important and unique contribution to our wedding day.

Thank You,
Kathleen and David

Dear Rev. Paul,

Thank you very much for being a part of our wedding. Your services were more than excellent, as we had many great comments about the ceremony. Thanks again and we will keep you in mind for our Friends.

Love, Jason and Janet

Thank you so very much for making our day so beautiful and so special. Your love and kindness made all the difference.

Ernestine and Derrick

Hi Rev. Paul,

We loved our ceremony and all our guests did as well! Everyone thought it was very unique. We felt the wine ceremony really gave it a nice touch also.

There is nothing that you have could have done better, everything was great! You took the time to listen to what we wanted, got to know us and with that you made a beautiful ceremony. It was very memorable to us as well as to our guests. I would be a future reference any time!

Thank you!
Desiree and Anthony

Dear Rev. Paul,

Mere words are not enough to thank you for making our wedding so special. God Bless!

Pam and Scott

Dear Rev. Paul,

Married life is wonderful! Thank you very much. It seems extremely surreal still. I think we still get a kick out of calling each other "husband and wife." I am loving every minute of it. George and I want to thank you so much for being apart of our wedding. Thank you for putting up with everything as well.

What I liked best was that everything went smoothly and on time. Everyone commented that it was a beautiful ceremony. With all the stress I was under, you made me calm and patient. You listened, and that was all I needed.

Everyone at my wedding really loved you...they said you were relaxed and calm...and they liked that about you. What I liked about you was the fact that you weren't stuffy and strict. You had fun and made everyone relaxed and comfortable. I would most definitely refer you to any future brides.

Thank You!
Michelle and George

Dear Rev. Paul

I just wanted to thank you again so much. We loved the ceremony. It was everything I've ever dreamed of. You were wonderful. Sorry about the mix-ups. Thank you for being so understanding.

Thanks again,
Shelby and Jasen

Dear Rev. Paul,

What I liked best about the ceremony was the flower exchange when we shared our special vows. This idea originated with you at the "class" we attended several months before our wedding.

Now that the day itself is over, I feel as though we were very prepared. Mark and I were both very comfortable with your ability to direct us and lead the ceremony. You gave us all the information we requested and then some. We really got a lot from the seminar we attended with you. You gave us ideas (that we have used) about improving our communication. The mock ceremony answered some of my questions and triggered some new ones.

I would love to be a referral...any chance to talk about my wedding would be welcome!

Thank You,
Wende & Mark

Hello Rev. Paul,

I was wanting to contact you so you could use us as a reference and to thank you again for a beautiful ceremony! I really appreciate your patience and helpfulness.

What I liked best about our ceremony was that our vows represented us and the individual touch you helped us create. I appreciate the time you took with us talking about us and finding out who we were before attempting the vows and the revisions to the vows you created. You very accommodating with sending e-mails and phone calls in preparation of the ceremony. Talking a couple of nights before with details really helped. Everyone has commented on how lovely our ceremony was how it really captured who we were. Rev. Paul, you helped put a personal touch to the whole day! THANK YOU!!!

Teri and Marty

Dear Rev. Paul

We could not be happier, now that we "tied the knot". What we liked best was the fact that you worked so closely with us in preparing the actual script for the ceremony. It made us a lot more comfortable being able to say only those things that we felt reflected us. I don't think there is anything I could say that would improve the way that you prepared for the ceremony. We were very happy with your cooperation and input. I can't express enough the ease at which you made the whole experience, from preparation to completion. We would feel honored to be a referral for you!

Your friends,
Tim and Darlene

Dear Rev. Paul,

We were so pleased with how everything went. You were awesome! I am really happy we chose you to do our service. We received a lot of comments on the beautiful ceremony you delivered. If you ever need a referral for the quality of your services, please think of us! We both really liked you. Thanks again for your professionalism and being perfect.

We wish you all the best!
Inger and Steve

Rev. Paul V. Scholl, Interfaith Minister Telephone: (916) 773-7337, or Email: GO2DLYT@aol.com

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