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A Prayer for My Beloved

Dear Lord, grant me the understanding,
as the oceans understand their own depths,
as the rains understand why they too must fall.
Allow me Lord to recognize her many freedoms.

Dear Lord, grant me the wisdom,
the same wisdom of the stars, that which holds them each safely,
the same magic of the Ages used by Your angels.
Allow me oh Lord, to recognize her every need.

Dear Lord, grant me the faith,
the same faith that closes the eyes of children each night,
the faith that now pours from me endless tears of joy in love for her.
Allow me oh Lord, to be always aware of her spirit.

Dear Lord, grant me the Light
to know her, forever, as Your creation,
to know her touch, her breath, her wisdom and her love.
Allow me oh Lord, to be aware of her Light as if my own

Dear Lord, grant me the love
as our hearts beat in perfect rhythm with Yours,
as the twists and turns of life breathe into a perfect bliss.
Allow me, oh Lord, to offer her always my perfect kindness.

Grant me these blessings oh Lord,
so that I may become the greatest man in her life,
so that I may fulfill the dreams You have shown me,
so that I may live as all life, held in perfect order by You.


rev. paul v. scholl


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