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Like Water We Run

One drop upon our heads makes us turn and wonder
if there will be another,
something we should seriously consider

A light mist makes us react,
change somehow, if only our coat
or opening some inexpensive umbrella

A steady rain and we take notice
how it effects the day,
our shoes, our hair, our travel, our plans

A mountain stream we stand in, reflecting
our hopes and dreams vowing to do something different,
the coolness overcoming our feet

A pond nestles itself in some hide-a-way rolling hills
as we simply stare in blank verse
skipping stones as best we can

A lake sits and waits for us through many years,
it deepens, it freezes over,
it stills our thoughts

A river runs through our needs and wants
cutting them evenly, and leaving only
the banks on which to stand

A flood crushes our senses
killing those who stand not ready, unawakened,
unaware, stupid if not uncaring

The oceans overwhelm our capacity
for understanding life and love and God,
but their power increases us

These waters, they run to show us
how to rise and fall in bliss each night
how to hold to the shallow and the deep

These waters, they run
they know their creator, and are joyous
they know the heat, the wind, the lifting up, and are joyous


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