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The Lord's Prayer (in cosmic verse)

Oh Father, Oh Mother
Oh Creator of all the multiverses unknown
You, the knower of all that exists
hear my heart beat with prayer

You are everywhere, and known to all creation
in the heavens of all heavens,
in all that is open, in all that is awake
and in all that resides in me

So sacred and unending are You
that no name could define or address You
but only the holiest of vibrations,
only the purest of oneís desiring
can know Your face as itís own

Your kingdom, Your message
You bestow it upon me now
You bestow it this instant
and in every instant yet to come

You nurture me away from all fear
Your compassion weaves through every cell of my body
and breathes Your will into oneness with mine
in my every footstep--my every glance
in my every dream--my every cosmic flight

My body knows each morning, each day
that You sustain it in all its glory
Knowing no fear, this beautiful vessel of soul expression
created by You understands its perfection
and how to live forever

The world turns, this universe spins
All universes forgiving each other
Sail gallantly by in graceful dance
knowing no sin, knowing no wrong, knowing no judgment
knowing no destruction--only true recreation
through their understanding of You

My soul leaps toward You
wanting only the simple brush of Your robe
Yet You take me in completely
You deliver me from my own universe
You deliver me into a light beyond all comprehension

All--everything--everywhere, are You
In all powers that power all
In all glories of all time, known and unknown
You are then, You are now
You are forever more

And for all time
My Father, My Mother, My Creator
I grant my spirit
in full return to thee



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