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Understanding Judas

Turmoil pounding relentlessly
within one's own soul
can move a good man
to perform senseless acts

In his betrayal of his Lord
there is a sense of my own
betrayal of my body and spirit
the times when I lose my Way

No matter how and who we love
We somehow trample it at times
These fallings lead us through
to a deeper understanding of our Judas

But we humans fail, and fail again
We fail nets that need our mending
We fail souls that need our saving
We fail robes that need our washing

This arrogance propels us
until we find it in our way
On our backs, we know the surrender
We know only He provides us our every desire

We hang ourselves often
seeking forgiveness we are not due
for we have not forgiven ourselves
as weakness and righteousness collide

Our Judas, and only our Judas
runs through the darkened hallways of our being
Yet God grants us light upon every return
from trading our own souls down for silver


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