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Business Professionals Offer Their Recommendations

"I wanted to let you know how very valuable your work is to me. Your work is a wonderful combination of deep intuition and real-life practicality. Your informal yet direct way of communicating gives me many insightful ideas that I can implement immediately. Other parts of your work address the longer term vision for my business, so I am confident that we are building a strong conceptual foundation as we work together."

Dr. Christine Benner, D.C.
Director, Oasis Healing Arts
New York, New York

"Rev. Paul's meditation classes were a wonderful stress reducer for us. The centering exercises and guided relaxation/meditation have helped me personally deal with the often too busy, too many detailed days of home and work."

Marion White, Executive Directo

Child Abuse Prevention Program
New York, New York

"I recently attended one of your classes and found it to be insightful and very helpful. I was able to put into practice the new skills that I learned with great success. I would recommend your programs to anyone who wants to improve and become better at what they do."

Diane Fleck, President
Fleck and Associates Consulting
Suisun City, California

"Rev. Paul presents a fresh look at the new trend towards wellness and stress reduction. His seminars allow busy corporate personalities to sharpen skills that will increase the bottom line- How? Meditation, or stilling of the mind allows the nervous system to rest and renew, clears the mind and allows for lower stress and increased memory function and productivity. I highly recommend that corporations concerned with offering value-added services to their employees engage Rev. Scholl to teach what it really means to maximize a day...."

Diane Pennington
Prudential Securities, Capital Finance Group
New York, New York

Hello Rev. Paul
First, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your day with us at the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce Luncheon last Thursday.

Your talk was succinct and right to the point. I know our members enjoyed the exercise you led them in. On Friday, I saw some of the people who were at the luncheon and asked them how they liked the guest speaker. Without exception, those people I spoke to informed me that they enjoyed your talk very much. One of them, in fact, indicated that she tried the exercise again at home on Thursday evening and she felt a calmness that she really needed.

Personally, I was very impressed at that point where you ask us to imagine a gold bubble above our heads and when we burst it, we can feel its energy flowing throughout our entire body. I could actually feel it. I would also like to extend the Chamber's "Thank You" for your very generous offer to have a 30-minute "Less Stress" consultation as one of our raffle prizes for our next Chamber luncheon. I'm sure that anyone who attended the August luncheon and is somewhat familiar with your program would love to win a 30 minute session with you.

So, Rev. Paul, on behalf of the members and the Board of Directors of the Chamber, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your participation.

Best regards,
Bob Biamonte, President
Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce

As an R.N., I have found Rev. Paul Scholl's insights and techniques invaluable to me not only when working, but also personally. Since using the techniques, I find that I have more energy at the end of the day, am calmer and more centered. I've also found that my people skills have improved, and that has made a profound difference in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend his classes as well as his readings to any person looking to improve their skills and themselves.

Margaret M. Trollo, R.N., B.S.N., C.N.A.T.

Rev. Paul V. Scholl, Interfaith Minister Telephone: (916) 773-7337, or Email: GO2DLYT@aol.com

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