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In Touch As In Spirit

I have missed you father, everyday
for these past thirteen years.
It seems I only miss you more,
not less, as would have been expected.
When you lay there, weak and asked me
"Paul, What if you just found out
that you only had a few weeks to live,
what would you do?"
My response was so inadequate,
then, as it is now.
"I would tell all those I love
just how much I love them."
So painfully shallow, the meaning lost
upon the moment of what you were really asking.
If I had known, perhaps my response
would or could have made the difference.
You won’t play with my children.
You won’t get to know my loving wife.
You won’t see my being successful,
finally, doing the things I love.
But in those moments,
come again through the seamless void.
Lay your hand firmly upon my shoulder
so we can say "I love You" one more time.

Rev. Paul V. Scholl


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