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Rev. Paul's Students Respond

  • What I enjoyed the most was that it was very relaxing! I feel rejuvenated and confident about life and meditation~ Janna, Sacramento

  • I enjoyed visualizing the beam of light and feeling a whole, healthy body~ Belinda, Sacramento

  • What I found most enjoyable was the white light tunnel and the falling into the "black hole"~ Jenifer, Sacramento

  • What was most enjoyable about the course was the middle of the "black hole"- I visualized the energy of light through my eyes and floated/swam through it. When you touched my head the light turned purple!~ Jodee, Sacramento I really enjoyed the energy of the instructor's voice~ Mike, Sacramento

  • I liked the concept of healing and the "pyramid" structure and the traveling in space~ Cheryl, Sacramento

  • Much food for thought! I will ponder these ideas and concepts for a long time to come. The techniques were unique and inspiring. I really enjoyed the creation of the cosmic cord and the group agreement exercise. ~ Robin, Sacramento

  • "I most enjoyed my further discovery of spiritual beauty and power. You provided great tools and information and answers to our questions"..... Scott, New York

  • "I most appreciated the soothing quality of the course"..... Lia, New York

  • "I enjoyed the guided meditations exercises that helped me to visualize certain situations and at the same time were very energizing and relaxing. The class was very well prepared." .....Eva, San Francisco

  • "What I found most enjoyable about the course was the meditation, the practice. I could seriously feel myself improving, getting there more quickly and more solidly each time we did it." ..... Julie, New York

  • "I enjoyed most your delivery and presence, the energy you set in the room"..... John, Astoria

  • "I most enjoyed the mental suggestions you gave".....Ida, Staten Island

  • "What I found most enjoyable about the course was the imagery you used".... Eugene, New York

  • "I appreciated the overall peaceful feeling".....Erin, New York

  • "I enjoyed the personally energizing, relaxing, peaceful and spiritual escape from the rat race. While in class I forgot the stress of the real world.".....Dee-Dee, San Francisco

  • "The astral projection meditation brought me to a dream I hadn't known for four years!"... Andy, Harlem

  • "I learned to relax and let go of bad thoughts-- and to free my spirit!".....Huette, New York

  • "The entire course was enjoyable".....Catherine, New York

  • "I most enjoyed looking into ourselves to change our destiny and our environment around us." .....Mark, San Francisco

  • "It gave me much new insight on what meditation was all about--and how important it is to find my true spirit".....Jennifer, New Jersey

  • "I will definitely continue to use these techniques.".....Lyne, San Francisco

  • "He has a soft, accepting manner. I was totally comfortable hearing what he had to say".....Sandra, Sacramento

  • "I enjoyed being presented different and new methods for meditation"..... Eileen, New York

  • "What I found most enjoyable was your knowledge and technique".....Carole, New York
  • "I enjoyed most the relaxed atmosphere and your friendliness"....Annie, Long Island

  • "I enjoyed that I felt very calm, very at ease"....Mary, New York

  • "I am glad that most of the course was practice and not lecture"...Eileen, New York

  • "I appreciated the easy atmosphere, that the course was not forced or dogmatic"...Bruna, New York

  • "I truly enjoyed your presence and how you see, hear and intuit the need of the class. Your caring was very clear!" Diane, New York

  • "I liked trying something new, which is different from my other experiences"...Christina, New York

Rev. Paul V. Scholl, Interfaith Minister Telephone: (916) 773-7337, or Email: GO2DLYT@aol.com

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